Blog Series

Here is a list, which I will attempt to maintain regularly, of series of posts on Intermittently.

My Best Friend(s) (in order of posting, not importance) series:
1) Introduction
2) The Full Time Wife
3) My Husband
4) Aunt Polly
5) My Parents
6) Mumsy
7) Daddy

PCOS series:
1) Ovaries, Whiskers, and Fat Cells! Oh, My!
2) PCOS Part 2: Treatment
3) Joyous in Pain, Blood, Guts, and Gore

My Clean Home series:
1) Why I Want a Clean Home
2) Part 1: The Guest Room
3) My clean home: Part 2

Writing Exercises:
Taken from "15 Habits of Great Writers," here are a few writing exercises I'm doing. If you've at all read these posts, you'll notice that I'm not doing all 15 on my blog, and I'm not doing them in order, either. Cuz I can, that's why. :D

1) Declare
2) Initiate
3) Practice
4) Build
5) Declutter

Modesty Series:

1) Modesty Begins in the Heart: Part 1
2) Modesty Begins in the Heart: Part 2

Word of the Week: