09 May 2012

My Clean Home: Part 1

Our Guest Room

Welcome to my home. :) This is where you'd stay if you were coming to see me now. Our gorgeous soft, minty, spring green guest bedroom is in order. This is one of the things that makes me want a clean home. I want to be able to offer hospitality to our friends, family, and loved ones. Yay!

While my guest room contains a few furniture cast-offs of the house (for now), I still think it has wound up being a comfortable, pretty room, and it's about twice the size I thought it was. We even made drawer and closet space for guests. A time will come when the old dresser will be replaced with something nicer. A time will come when there is a place for the DVDs to go. A time will come when our guest room will change, one way or another, little bits at a time, but it will be a place where the people we love will find comfort, welcome, and a home away from home. 

In time, as we grow in our marriage, we hope to have more children. Children biologically ours, children we foster, and children we adopt. We want to be a home for the ones who have no home, and we want to welcome our flesh and blood into our home, too. Then, these rooms of ours will change, too, if we're still in this house. This may stay the guest room, or turn into the office, or be some combination of the two. I don't know what the future holds. I know that the present includes a clean, second bedroom. 

Much love,

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