09 May 2012

My Best Friend(s): TheFullTimeWife

What do I say about a girl whose moniker initials, FTW, is often read as "for the win"? Definitely a winner, that one.

Look at that picture. Isn't she GORGEOUS? Love my friend, I do. She's going to have some beautiful children. Seriously cute.
My friend, 
You have taught me loads about life, love, holiness, and happiness. I don't know where to begin or end. Let's hope I don't make a pig's ear of this where all of the internets can see it.. :)

We first met in college. Both of us were daughters of ministers. Her parents--full-time on the mission field. Mine--full-time in a mission organization. We launched out of college (Christian, denominational college, by the way-- the same denomination that actively sponsored our parents' ministries), with our woefully-poor decision making skills straight into our respective rebellious phases. Sigh. A decade-plus later, we have walked strangely parallel roads, fraught with potholes and detours, and find ourselves, each married, at opposite ends of the country, pursuing lives of redemption and holiness.

When the time came for her to get married, I beat myself up badly for not being near her. I had moved to Florida, while she was still in DC. There were so many things I wanted to do for her and with her, and it just wasn't possible at the time. I did get to go to her perfect wedding in the Bahamas, but wished I could have done so much more. Still do.

Fast forward a couple of years, to my wedding. I live in SC, and she lives in CA. Getting married in Missouri is long-distance for both of us. You know what this crazy-amazing friend does? She hauls an extra, super-huge suitcase (checked luggage, y'all) halfway across the country and throws the mother of all bachelorette bashes, with a THEME, needless-to-say, at a restaurant she hasn't been to, without a vehicle to drive around and make arrangements, with what might be the best cupcakes I've ever tasted, while being the best Matron of Honor, ever. Really. I'm NOT hyperbolizing here. Spank me with a spoon! Look, proof!

(Source. Of course, it's from HER blog. She wrote a post with lots 
of pictures about her victorious event-planning prowess! Check it out.)

We've cried together over the years, prayed- for each other, about each other, with each other, shared hard times, broken times, bleeding times, good times, laughing times, crazy times, drunken times (sigh.. again), questioning times, stupid times, joyous times... At one point or another, each of us received a talking-to from our respective parents, "Maybe she's not a good influence. You shouldn't be hanging out with her.." and I know both of my parents are two of her biggest fans, now. They and I have seen her blossom into a woman who strives to follow God with all her heart. She's not a bad influence, now, and (I hope) neither am I. 

Someday, I hope our paths bring us back to the same town, where we can raise our children together, play cards once a month with our husbands as we sip glasses of St. James wine and laugh about the crazy days of our youth, talk in concerned tones about how to raise our children to make better choices, sigh about the new wrinkles around our eyes (well, mine, anyway, not hers--she has that gorgeous Asian skin), and tease our husbands about the varying age differences in our marriages. In the mean time, I reach across the miles to the sister of my heart in prayer, dropped notes, birthday gifts, and text messages. When I remember to make the call, or when she does, we talk, either briefly or for an extended conversation. Mostly I pray for her, though. I know she prays for me. It'll be amazing when we stand on the other side of this life and look back on where we've been from eternity's view. I know we'll be astounded, and I can't wait for that, too. 

Loving my friend, and getting a tad misty, 

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