14 May 2012

Sharing Five: 5/14/12

Here are five articles/blog posts I've read lately. Each has given me something on which to think. Enjoy!

And here's a picture, just for the fun of it. This is Zelma. (a.k.a. Mama pig, previously known as Wadcutter-- but that was when I got her and was told she was a boy. Nope. Pregnant girl.) She's sitting on one of my pig slippers that were crocheted (that word looks goofy to me) by my Aunt Polly. Cute, eh? Interestingly enough, the afghan on which the slipper is sitting was also crocheted (there it is, again) by my Aunt Polly. Yes. My guinea pigs are spoiled. Yes. I have guinea pigs.

Much love,

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