06 October 2011

Why Do I Want a Clean Home?

I have recently downloaded and begun working through a book called "31 Days to Clean: Having a Martha House the Mary Way" by Sarah Mae. I'm not a "dirty" person, but I'm not a neat freak, and trying to keep things neat and straight when my best efforts are thwarted by me is intensely frustrating for this Maximizer. As I start married life, there are things I want to do from the beginning, so I don't have to backtrack later (for instance, when I'm having kids, or company arrives, or whatever) to try to incorporate good habits that are much easier to just do all the time. One of those things is getting the house organized and put away, NOW.

For those who don't know, my handsome husband and I are remodeling his/our house. All my stuff has come to live here, with me (since September 10th) and in varying degrees since I moved to Greenville in March. The crowning moment was when we got married and I moved completely out of the apartment. We had a commitment not to sleep together or live together until marriage, but moving my THINGS over the course of 6 months was MUCH easier than trying to fit a move in between the wedding and honeymoon. Well, we're up to our ears in stuff, mine, his, ours, wedding, presents, honeymoon, and to top it all off, the remodeling isn't done. So we're preparing to start redoing the master bedroom and bath, while the whole house is in upheaval. Smart, eh?

Anyway, it is the dream in my heart to have a home that is welcoming, and piles of stuff are NOT welcoming. I want to be able to have the widow down the street over for coffee, our community group in for the weekly meeting, or a party, or simply have our friend's daughter come bake with me. I don't feel like I can do those things right now.

So, I got this book, and I'm beginning to read. Now. Before my heart breaks with the mess. The first day's reading asks, "Why clean?" and I thought that it would be wise to put my answer in writing, so I'd remember. So I'd have a place to go where I can be reminded, when it's tough and there's construction dust everywhere and my clothes STILL don't have a home, and our bed is in the living room.

So. Why do I want a clean home?

I want a clean home so that when my husband comes home from work, he wants to be here. I want a clean home so that when we or others enter this place we see Jesus and not a mess. I want a clean home so that I can create an environment like the one in which I was raised-- one that is welcoming and comfortable and safe. I want a clean home so that I can be at rest and be inviting to others who may need rest and blessing. I want a clean home so that I don't feel frantic inside. I want to be able to engage myself with my husband, our family and friends, whenever needed, and not feel torn between what I "have" to do and what I ought to do. I want a clean home so that I can more adequately be as I am created to be-- an Image Bearer of the God of the universe.

I think that about sums it up.

Much love.

03 October 2011


Over the last month, I have been humbled, time and time again, by the amazing people in my life. I'm hoping to get some posts up here in coming days about the events of the wedding and honeymoon, post pictures, etc. Some of what I want to show is how incredible my friends and family are. Truly my friends ARE family, as much as (and in many cases) more than some of the blood relatives. That was showcased beautifully in the times I shared with these loved ones in this last month.

The scads of thank you notes I'm penning aside, how do you begin to thank the people who have built you? I'm so honored and humbled to be part of this family, extended with people we've chosen and have chosen us, and hope to some day be the kind of person who is worthy of such grace.

Much love.