08 May 2012

To Blog, or Not To Blog

Sometimes I wonder if I’m a blogger. Most of the time, most people would say, “Probably not.” I don’t post regularly. I don’t even post semi-regularly. I want to. I think about it often. So often it’s a matter of “is that too personal?” or “I’d have to write a book’s worth of info to get the whole backstory, just to make that point…” and then it doesn’t happen. I even have a reminder that tells me weekly to “Write a blog post.” I figure weekly is much better than I tend to do. Each week, I shuffle the reminder back, and then it’s the next week. Meanwhile, the “ought to” feeling builds up, and I still don’t post. This is me, trying to rectify my own self-produced angst over not writing weekly (at least). Sometimes, when I do post something, then I think of something else, but feel silly if I post more than once per day. Oh, I’ll just wait on that for now. And, it never goes up. Sigh.

So WHY in the world did I start a second blog, if I never post on the first one?? Harrumph. Silliness.

Here’s the deal:
  • I’m going to write stuff, and put it on here. That may mean I post multiple times one day, and then nothing for awhile. I’m GOING to be okay with that. Mmmmkay? 
  • I’m going to attempt to write what’s on my heart and mind, with or without the book-of-a-backstory, and if it doesn’t make sense outside of my own skull, I’m GOING to be okay with that. Alrighty? 
  • Sometimes I’ll post on my “personal” blog, and sometimes I’ll post on my “theme” blog, and these posts may or may not make complete sense with or without the context of the other location, and I’m GOING to be fine with that. With me? 

I’m just going to do it, whether or not anyone reads it, now or ever, because there are some things I need to articulate, for me. Being the introvert that I am, getting the extroverts in my life to sit down and shut up (haha) long enough for me to explain my theses on life is just not an option, and if I don’t have any outlet for the things I’m learning, I’m going to get frustrated. Frustration is not going to make me the person I want to be. So there.  There you have it. Here we go.

Much love,

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