10 February 2012

Things I wake up mad about:

ANY ELECTRONIC NOISEMAKER THAT GOES OFF BEFORE I HAVE TO GET UP. This morning, it was my husband's blackberry, my office phone, a text on my phone, blackberry (again), phone (again), then my husbands air-raid-siren-of-an-alarm (which is still being snoozed every 10 minutes).

Magical point 1: There is no emergency going on that would cause any of this to be necessary. Magical point 2: it's his day off, so he can sleep in if he wants..

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr... And after how this week has been going, this is just the ice cream (which I'm not allowed to have, right now) on the cupcake (which I am also not allowed to have), as it were.

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