08 May 2012

My Best Friend(s): Introduction

Interesting concept. Best Friend. Best. Friend. Hard to say, when you're pinned down. Depends on what you mean. Depends on what answer is what you're really looking for... Who is your best friend? Well, there are a few really good answers. When I contemplate that, I really realize how very blessed I am.

My best girl friend is TheFullTimeWife. (Even if she does persist in posting recipes that tempt me and I can't have while I'm trying to lose weight...) She and I have known each other since college, and boy, could I tell you stories.

My best family friends are my parents, followed closely by my Aunt Polly.  I have in no way done anything to merit the friendships of the people who have seen me at my worst, yet they treat me like an equal, a friend, an intimate, not as a daughter, or worse-- a somehow less-worthy, wet-behind-the-ears youngster. How blessed am I??

My best earthly friend is probably my husband, which a lot of people can't say. I'm honored and humbled to be blessed with a husband who is a man of God.

My best friend? Well, at the risk of giving the Sunday School answer, I want to say Jesus. (Random side note: there was this little boy in my Sunday School class at church when I was in Kindergarten-- whom I won't name because we ended up in college together and there's the off-chance someone would read this, know him, and then tease him about it-- whose answer to EVERY question was "MARY MAGDALENE!" Well, at least for the period of time we were in that Kindergarten Sunday School class... I'm sure it wasn't ALWAYS that.)

Ok, so I know it's goofy to say that. "Jesus is my very best friend!" and a little creepy, maybe, especially to those who don't have a relationship with Him. But the thing is, most of the time, He's the first person I talk to about everything. Most of the time, He's consulted on every decision, from the minor to the major, the life-changing, to the mind-numbing. I talk to Him ALL the time about my husband, who I want to be as a wife, my other friends, my family members, the people whose lives I touch, however briefly in whatever way... I'm learning to follow in His footsteps. I want to be just like Him when I grow up. I want to make decisions that honor Him and please Him. I want to be the one who is always hanging around Him, the one He couldn't get rid of if He wanted to (though we all know He totally could, if He REALLY wanted to)..

That being said, I do want to say a few things about some of the people I love, and this post is going to serve as the introduction to those posts. I've been meaning to get to this since the wedding, but I haven't done it. That's partially due to the fact that my best Friend has been working on me in a lot of ways, teaching me how to be a wife, uninstalling some malware programs that had been acting on my heart, etc..

I got to thinking about (yes, I know that's not grammatically correct) this series of posts again this past weekend. A dear friend of mine came and stayed with us, and my husband's best buddy and his wife came through town, too. The nature of friendship came up in conversation. I'm an introvert. I'm also a gypsy. Well, maybe not per se, but have moved at least every three years for nearly my whole life, occasionally, more often.

Here's the truth. I'm really not good at pursuing friendships. I prefer solitude and studying to parties and socializing. I could be completely happy with watching the sermon online every week and never going near all those people. Not to say that I'm afraid of or dislike people. I really don't mind them. I'd just rather not have to be stuck in a group of them, especially a large group of them. Even if the large group is composed ENTIRELY of people I love. I don't have trouble communicating with them; I'd just rather not, most of the time. It makes me tired to be around people. (Turns out there are some valid, scientific reasons for this. Articles I like about introversion include this one.) I'm more energized when I'm alone, especially if I'm studying or doing something productive. My husband has learned that if he wants to get together with someone we love, he has to initiate it, because somehow it will slip my mind, fall through the cracks, and otherwise not happen, if it's left to me. Even if it's someone who is closer to me. Sad, eh?

That being said, there are relationships I want to honor, because they are important to me. And, because I'm not so good at remembering to say that directly to the persons-of-interest themselves, I've been trying to be better about dropping a note in the mail, sending a text message, etc. This is one of my acts of penance attempts to let them know how much they mean to me. I am not posting these in any particular order. That would be too hard to determine.

Much love,

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