05 February 2016

Word of the Week: APOTHEGM

Recently, my aunt asked me to provide her with a new word, its definition, and to use it in a sentence. This was instigated by a phone call that my husband and I shared with her and her husband, in which I used a word in a context with which they were unfamiliar. I thought it would be fun, so I agreed. Might as well put all those words to use, eh?

Ideally, I'm sending this to her by email on a weekly basis, and apparently, she sends it on to others, as well. She has an extensive email community, and email Bible study ministry, so that's a bit daunting to me, that it's getting put out there. Heh heh. The thought occurred to me that if I was going to do this, I might as well post the word to my blog, as well, so here goes nothing.

Please enjoy this word of the week, and I'll try to post these regularly. As I do, I'll add them to my series list (see tabs above).


Apothegm (n) ..a short, pithy, instructive saying:

This week's word is: APOTHEGM

Used in a sentence: "I grew weary of the speech, which seemed to just be one apothegm after another, with no discernible purpose."

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