15 June 2012

My Best Friend(s): My Parents

(Beautiful picture, eh? My sister 
took it at my wedding.)

These two good-looking, blue-eyed, silver-haired people are my parents. Depending on which one of them people have met, I get told that I resemble either of them.

Because I have too much to say about both of them individually, I will dedicate a post to each of them, after this. 

My parents are great people. They really are. I'm not just saying that because they're my parents. As my parents they've taught me much about life. They taught me that true life is the one that lives into eternity, not the one that ends in death, here on earth. They brought me to knowledge of God, and taught me how to seek Him. They provided an amazing life throughout my childhood and adolescence. They prayed for me as I became an adult and moved out on my own, temporarily forsaking some of the truth they'd tried to instill in me. They loved me-- even as unlovable as I have been, sometimes-- unconditionally, and wholeheartedly. That love is humbling to me, because I know of many ways I broke their hearts over the years. Eventually, they gave me their friendships, each individually, in time. Then they blessed me.

I don't begin to know what to say to encapsulate all that my parents mean to me, all that they taught me in word and deed, and all that I know them to be. This sad attempt at a tribute is just the first, and I'll keep adding to it, augmenting with a post here and there, hoping to some day speak my heart.

I love you, Mumsy and Daddy. I thank God for you.

Much love.

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