25 June 2012

Sewing with Lovey

So, my darling husband decided to go fishing with his friend yesterday afternoon, and I got to stay home and watch some Chuck Season 5 episodes and The Vow(which wasn't as good as I wanted it to be) and sew to my heart's content. Yay.

I had him drag my tub of fabric out so that I could see what I have to work with. I've had vague thoughts in the back of my head about what I have stashed away, and it was nice to see what's really there. Unfortunately, my living room is even more of a disaster area than it already had become during the last few sewing projects.

This is currently the top of my coffee table.
There were a few surprises in that tub. Most of the selections I remembered, or at least could place when I purchased them. Several of the options (heavy-weight, solid-colored twill) were purchased by someone else and given to me, but they're going to come in handy. There were a few whimsical patterns in colors I like, some of which I'd completely forgotten. There were a couple "what was I thinking?" moments, too. I don't do bland colors, for the most part. There was only one "khaki" twill (given to me, not purchased by me), and it won't be seen here.

One of the fabric selections I'd forgotten I had really struck my fancy. I remembered buying it at the Vero Beach Wal-mart, right before they pulled the entire fabric section out of the store. (Grrrrrr...) I don't remember what I had originally intended to do with it, though. I had purchased 4 yards of this, so it must've been for a tablecloth or something decorative. Since Independence Day is rapidly approaching, and since we're going to be hosting a BBQ get together the following weekend, I thought it would be fun to make use of this fabric.

I pulled up my "Sewing Projects" board on Pinterest, and began looking through the projects I'd thought I'd like to try. I kept seeing full, gathered and pleated skirts, and thought that would be a fun look for the BBQ.

Source via Pinterest
Source via Pinterest
Can't you just see me in June Cleaver mode, welcoming all of the festivity-goers to our lovely home? We're doing the same thing we did last year, which will involve tables groaning with food, 3 grills going, our 30' x 10' white tent, games being played on our brand spankin new regulation-sized horseshoe pits, bocce ball, and frisbee. Last year, we had right around 30 people, and it was a perfect day. The weather cooperated beautifully, and everyone ate until they popped.

We can't wait to do it again!

I fully intended to pull up one of the host of tutorials from my Pinterest finds to make this skirt, but none were quite what I wanted, so I just made it up as I went. Come to think of it, I should have documented this for posterity. Either that, or just so I could figure out what the stink I did to wind up with what I have as a finished project. My intent was a full, gathered skirt, with a fitted-ish waistband, that I could pull over (therefore, no zipper, buttons-and-placket, etc.). Something easy, and cute. Most importantly, I wanted it a modest length so that I could get out and play without worrying about accidentally giving anyone a show.

I'm one of those people who can kind of eyeball things and have an idea about how to make them happen. (Thanks, Daddy, for helping me develop that ability.) I thought I had worked the length out properly to wind up with a tea-length skirt. Apparently, I should have done more actual measuring than just thinking on that one. What I have, is a full, gathered skirt, with a fitted-ish waistband, that is floor-length. Oops. :)

Might-be finished product, on my bridal name
hanger from this Etsy shop.

I don't mind floor-length. I'm halfway considering doing some vertical gathers at the bottom, though, to shorten it a bit and give me some bunting-esque flair. I haven't decided, yet, though. The 4 inch waistband is a bit looser than I would prefer, but it does accomplish the more-important purpose of being something I can pull on. I could've made the elastic a tad tighter, but I really wanted to avoid getting it too tight and being miserable, so I'm guessing I won on that one, too. When my weight-loss is complete, I can always take in the waist.

I have several lovely aprons that have been given to me as gifts, but I decided that this skirt had enough going on that it needed something solid white, so I grabbed some leftover eyelet lace from a curtain project in Florida, and made an apron. I just need to finish attaching the pocket to it, and it'll be finished. It's very lightweight, and I think it'll be lovely as a hostess apron. I'll try to remember to get some pictures at the BBQ.

Much love, and happy sewing!

Source, via Pinterest.

Yes, I am one of those unfortunate souls to whom this applies... though fortunately, not ALL the time. Isn't my husband thrilled that it's not perpetual??

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