15 June 2012

Book Report: What I've Been Reading

(A section of my bookshelves,
as they were in my living room in Florida.)
Every year, I set my reading goal. Depending on the season of my life, what types of chaos invade, etc, some years I hit my goal, and some years I don't. This year, the first full calendar year of married life, I have set my goal for my usual calm-year expectation of 60 books. Last year, I got nowhere near that. Then again, last year, I moved twice (once from Florida to South Carolina, and once from my apartment to my husband's home), got married long distance (multiple trips to and from Missouri), took a honeymoon, set up homemaking, and continued renovations on our home. It was not a calm year. There was no chance of me finding 60 books worth of reading time.

Since I don't know yet what kind of time married life will allow for my forays into pages, I just used my standard, and can adjust from there. I'm sure as babies come along and life shifts, I'll need to change that number downward over the course of years before I'm able to meet that goal consistently, again. We'll see. It's all one big adventure!

So this year, I've been boring with my reading selections so far. A handful of business/motivational/self-help type books, and a handful of novels, but mostly non-fiction health, wellness, and relationship books have made up the 23 I've completed so far. That puts me about 7 behind where I ought to be at the end of this month. Fortunately, I'm in the middle of several books, so if I can just wrap up a few of these, I should be in half-way decent shape.

It occurred to me that as part of this goal, I could write book reports on some of what I read, for blog posts. This post kicks off that (hopefully ongoing) feature series. My first book report in 2012 will be on The Last Dragonslayer and The Song of the Quarkbeast (Dragonslayer series by Jasper Fforde), both of which I read this week.

Much love, and happy reading!

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