20 June 2012

Sharing Five: 6/20/12

I've decided this is a nice way to share some of the things that I appreciate, so you'll be seeing more "Sharing Five" posts.

  1. From Always Learning, "A President with Guts"-- a post with a quote from Teddy Roosevelt
  2. From Life in a Glass House, "Infertility, You Lost Again"-- I went to college with Gaby. I love her honesty and transparency. She has a beautiful heart. 
  3. From Raising Arrows, "Sisyphus, the Homemaker"-- all about keeping your heart in a worshipful state.
  4. From Raising Homemakers, "Quick Homemaking Tips"-- some interesting tips and tricks to keep  your home humming along.
  5. From Mars Hill Church, "A Story of Betrayal and Redemption in Marriage"-- I know some people who are dealing with tough issues right now. This story does my heart good. "I want blood for this." "You've got blood. Jesus died for this."
My 5 won't always be this sobering. It's just how it worked out this time. 

Much love,

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