15 June 2012

Please Vote For My Friends!

My dear friend and her husband (Brock & Nellie) created this video for the Union Pacific Railroad commercial competition. It's really cute, and her voice, as always is beautiful and clear as a bell, while fun and playful. He put intense quantities of work into all the details on this one-minute video, which lives up to his usual standards of excellence. More of his amazing work can be found at his website, brockoli.com.

Right now he's in school with Animation Mentor, expanding his already-considerable skills.

One of my favorite things he's done is this 5 second short entitled Braveballs. It's self-explanatory.

Makes me giggle every time! And if you look closely, frame by frame, he put INSANE amounts of detail in the background, the reflections, and facepaint.

So, go HERE and vote for Brock & Nellie's Union Pacific Railroad video submission!

Much love.

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