06 June 2016

Word of the Week: EXULANSIS

Fortunately, it is the week (-ish) after one of my writers' conferences, since that type of thing rarely translates to the individuals who were not in attendance. That makes this word pretty perfect for where I am right now. I'm trying to crawl out of my recovery fog. It's time to try to be on top of silly little things like paying bills, answering emails, making doctor appointments, cleaning up my sewing disaster, etc. All those little demands that are placed upon us by life. You know what I mean. In the mean time, people keep asking questions like "how was your conference?" and "did you have a nice vacation?" -- but then their eyes glaze over when I attempt to give a real answer. Heh heh.

Much love,

This week's word is: EXULANSIS

Used in a sentence: Ellen looked around the dinner table at the polite, yet blank faces, and exulansis took over. 

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