02 April 2016

Word of the Week: DEFENESTRATION

Welcome to the Word of the Week.

I hope that this particular word isn't required for you this week. I've had days that required this action and its accompanying, lovely word. I know for some of you the provocation is generally technological in nature. The definition I'm using for this is a formal humorous one, and it is not limited to people-- this action can be done to any manner of item.

May your tech behave itself for you this week.


This week's word is: DEFENESTRATION

Used in a sentence: Susie's defenestration of Dave was brief, and he laughed when he landed in the pile of leaves she had prepared to cushion the ground-floor fall.

32 Of The Most Beautiful Words In The English Language---This reminds me of history class and nothing else. What a cool word though.:

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