16 February 2007

A Pleasant Diversion

Instead of being a complete loser and staying home by myself on Valentine's Day, I went to a movie. By myself. I can't quite make up my mind which is worse, but I enjoyed the movie...

I went to see "Music & Lyrics", starring Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore. I thought it was a sweet little movie. Not, by any stretch of the imagination, award-worthy, but very good, nonetheless. It was devoid of ickiness and foul language, which pleased me, and it was generally a nice story.

It's about this defunct popstar and his plant-watering-lady's-replacement writing a song together for the pop princess of the day. The song they write is called "Way Back to Love". The song is your basic pop song, simple and catchy with the schmaltzy lyrics that touch us all so deeply... (yeah, I know, it's blatantly obvious that I'm not the pop-music type), but it gets stuck in your head!! Particularly the first section of the first verse (which is repeated throughout the movie). It's been stuck in my head since I left the theater, which could get really annoying, but I actually do like the song.

So I ordered the soundtrack. :D

Much love.

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