06 February 2007

An Explanation for my Readers...

The Man of my Dreams post is about the man with whom I would like to be in a relationship. I thought this appropriate for the upcoming Valentine's Day. Someone once gave me some very good advice. She said that if I intend to be in a relationship with the man of my dreams, I need to know what he's like. She said that it's not enough to think "tall, dark, and handsome" or to imagine his physical characteristics, because physical beauty fades, but bad character lasts forever.

I think this is something that single women routinely do wrong. We don't set our standards highly, we don't become the type of woman who attracts the princes among men, and then we gripe about bad relationships or how stupid guys are or whatever. If you're trying to snag the first hapless guy who comes along, what do you really expect the outcome to be??

So, I have begun looking a little deeper. I've begun thinking about the way this man will make me feel. I think about the indicators of character that show you that someone is truly high-caliber, and I've begun thinking about how I can become the woman who attracts that kind of man.

I know that God has a plan for my life, and I know that if the desire for relationship that I have isn't of Him, that He'll replace it with something else. In the mean time, instead of wasting my time with the foolishness of so many relationships, I choose to focus my relational energy in other areas. When the desire to have a guy in my life gets to be too much, I imagine the man of my dreams, and I realize that the man God will provide will be so much more than a random guy on match.com.