03 May 2006

In Support of Political Incorrectness

One day a few weeks ago, I had the unique opportunity to witness John Walsh's address to DEA. If you don't know, John Walsh is the host of America's Most Wanted. He got started in Victim Advocacy after his six-year-old son was kidnapped and murdered twenty-five years ago. April 23-29 was National Crime Victims' Rights Week, and his address was a prelude to that.

I have to say that his speech was one of the most refreshingly honest and politically incorrect that I've ever heard. It was beautiful. Not many people have the cojones to stand in front of an auditorium packed (no standing room) full of federal law enforcement people and say the things he said.

The majority of his speech was concocted of stories/facts that have been featured on the show. He told the story of the show where they were prepared to feature a criminal who had assassinated a DEA Agent. This particular scumbag was hunted down and killed by the mafia the day before the show was to air, and they were left with an empty 10-minute slot. Haha. (Yes, he used the word "scumbag.")

He talked about getting his elbow broken by a meth addict and how glad he was that his camera crew wasn't there documenting the beating he gave the guy. He denigrated the amount of sleep that defense lawyers are getting despite their profession. He joked about the visits he makes to Senators and Congressmen and how painful they are. He made it abundantly clear that he barely tolerates liberals, lawyers, and politicians, thinks that criminals should be executed, and thinks that (at least to some extent) due process is a waste of time and money. This guy was REALLY great.

Mr. Walsh is advocating a law which would create a national sex offenders' registry. It has passed the House, but is hung up in the Senate. There is a letter on his site (see link above) where you can get a letter to send to your Senators about it. I'd like to know that a convicted sex offender can't be in my neighborhood without being registered and monitored. How about you?

Much Love.

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Curtis said...

John Walsh is one of the people I most admire. You are so lucky to have gotten to see him speak to our congress. What an experience. I cannot get enough of AMW and have been a subscriber to their newsletter for a while now. Awesome post..