09 August 2012

Thankful Thursdays: 8/9/12

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This morning, I slept through my alarm, woke up groggy, and am struggling to get started with the day. I've been up for a long time, and I'm still struggling to get going.

The thing that strikes me in this moment is an intense feeling of gratitude that the God I serve loves me, even when my strength isn't enough. He provides so well for me, from the warm bed that I struggled to leave this morning, to the comfortable clothes I'm wearing, to the job that allows me to telecommute (which eases a rough morning), to the husband who remembers to kiss me good-bye in the morning (even when I'm sound asleep),  to the mother who calls me to look something up for her online and relies on me in little ways quite often, to the strength He gives me to share with others, to the wisdom He regularly provides simply because I ask for it, and on and on and on...

(Mother of a run-on sentence, eh?)

I'm thankful today. Many of our friends are going through rough times, relationally, right now, and I carry burdens with them as they move through trying days. Those burdens make me all the more thankful that God has given me so much, and that He continues to give strength, grace, and wisdom, even when I feel inadequate.

I said to my darling husband last night, "Thank you for making all my dreams come true." He said that he hadn't done that. I proceeded to list some of my dreams that he actively has fulfilled, and more that we're working toward fulfilling. God has poured out blessing upon blessing on us.

There are days when the 'to do' list seems long, almost unconquerable. There are days when the magnitude of the list of 'sinking funds' we need to fill is overwhelming, considering our income. But, day after day, God continues to provide. He gives us the ability to do things we never thought we could. He lets us chip away at our lists, in His good time. He gives us just the right resource at just the right moment. He reminds us that He's not passive-- He's actively working things together for our good, even while we're completely unaware of His hand. (Blog post that reminded me of that this morning.)

I had a teacher in High School who managed to freak out some of the class with the statement that she believes we will work in heaven. I think the class, generally, was under the assumption that we'd all be lounging about on puffy, soft clouds being comfortable and at ease. Maybe that wasn't the assumption, but the reactions from my classmates to that statement were all over the board.

When I think of days when I've done hard work and am exhausted, falling into bed at night, knowing I've accomplished something, I tend to believe that Miss Taylor had it right. What good would life be with no purpose? What good would ETERNAL life be with nothing to accomplish? So, maybe we don't know what that will entail, exactly, but if God is working toward our good, and He's already in eternity-- if He's writing beautiful stories, if He's orchestrating these incredible adventures, why would we think we won't, too? We're made in His image, after all, so I'm guessing we'll be about His work, then, just as He asks us to be, now.

So, maybe I'm rambling here. It's just that my gratitude is for all the places where I see the hand of God working, and my excitement that in some of those places, He has called me to step alongside Him. I pray that I become worthy of His calling. I pray that there is something of me that is of value that He can use. And I thank Him that daily He shows me that there is.

Happy Thankful Thursday!


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