10 July 2012

Sharing Five - 7/10/12

Hi, there. I feel like it's been a really long time since I last posted, but it's just been a week. Today is the birthday of one of my dear friends, who happens to own my Curves franchise. Happy Birthday, again, my dear!

I'm sitting in the office, despite the fact that my work day is over, listening to my "Josh Turner Radio" station on Pandora, and thinking of what to share. In the interests of getting something up, and not having completed the multiple drafts I currently have saved...

Here're my 5 links. Enjoy!

  1. Biblical Reasons to be Organized, from The Organized Wife. My creative-type brain struggles with keeping things orderly, but my type-A task-oriented self wants everything perfectly squared away. Sigh. Let's just say I'm making an effort in this area, but have some growing still to do. 
  2. Pursuing a Large Family Mentality, When You're a Small Family, from Large Families on Purpose. I really enjoy this blog. I recently shared her post on keeping up with laundry in the large family/small home environment with my mom, because I knew she'd appreciate it. It fascinates me so!
  3. Civilized, Not Feminized, from Raising Homemakers. This blog is very good, and it has quite a few contributors. This particular post is about raising boys to be boys, not girls. Letting them be rambunctious and exuberant and all of those other lovely little boy traits, while having self-control and civility. Love it. I hope I get to have boys. 
  4. A recipe: My Take on Nam Prik Ong, from my best girlfriend The Full Time Wife. This has become one of our favorite recipes, and I quite enjoy cooking it for my darling husband. It has a couple of ingredients you can only get at an Asian grocery store, and it gets pretty stinky while it cooks, but it is so very good when it's prepared.. I don't do cilantro, though, so mine always skips that part. 
  5. This. It's missing a verse, but I love it. I love the Muppets. I love the Muppet Show. I love this song with all my stinky little heart. Sigh. Love. 

Much love, and high hopes for regular posting...

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