27 July 2012

Community BBQ Get-Together

I'm getting really excited! We're having our (now) annual Community BBQ at our house tomorrow. :) I know I mentioned in another post that it was originally scheduled for the weekend after Independence Day, but that changed. My darling husband has been working his tushy off getting our yard ready for all the festivities, and I'm closing up the office to get going on the inside of the house. The vast majority of things will happen outdoors, so the only reason people will be inside at all will be for potty breaks. This takes a lot of the stress off making sure the house is perfect and hospitable, but we do want everything to be nice for the 50-ish people we expect to attend. (Last year it was just over 30, and this year a lot more were invited.)

I only have one office project that didn't get finished for the week (due to my printer breaking down and having to wait for a part to be delivered), so I feel as though things are in pretty good shape here. Next week I hope to have pictures and lots of fun anecdotes to share.

Happy weekend to all!
Much love,

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