05 November 2010

Still Here

So, apparently it's been a lot longer since my last blog post than I thought. Amn't I glad I chose well when I picked a title for this blog? (Yes. I am. Intermittent, it is.)

I've just posted the first post on a new blog, which has been quietly brewing in the back of my mind for a couple of weeks. The reason I created a separate blog is because it will be set aside for discussion of one topic only. Holiness. This blog (Intermittently) is kind of an amalgam of random thoughts, and I didn't want to muddy the waters on that subject by just tossing it in amidst the rest of this stuff.

I know that I've posted about spiritual things here, and I intend to continue doing that, so the new blog won't replace that. But while this one will handle some of my spiritual thoughts and developments, the other will be devoted to studying holiness, what it means, how it looks, etc. exclusively. I did not start the new one as a way of segregating holiness out of my lifestyle and isolating it into the theoretical. I intend for that to be a place where we look at the subject in a very practical, applicable light.

It's a little uncomfortable for me, to delve into a subject like that, publicly. I know all to well my failings. I know my humanness. I know that other people know these things, too. To speak out as though I have some knowledge about the subject is a little scary, when my life hasn't always given evidence of holiness. To be honest, I wasn't even sure I should write a post here about it, because anyone who knows me at all knows my frailty. And anyone who doesn't know me at all probably jumps to conclusions about it by reading anything I write. Fortunately, I don't suffer from a booming readership. haha

It is, as much as anything else, a cry into the darknes for holiness-minded individuals to identify themselves. We should be a unique population that's known not by what it does or doesn't do, but known for who we ARE. I know a (very) few of these people. I admire them greatly. Surely there are others. Surely there are more who desire holiness deeply but don't quite know what it means to choose it. It is my intent that during the study of holiness, I will call on the wisdom of others, those who have been choosing holiness for many years. I intend to have several spiritually-mature Christians write guest posts for it, by which the rest of us can bask in their wisdom.

We'll see how it unfolds. While I have some thoughts and ideas for it, I'm doing my best to not insert myself into it. The ultimate goal is to encourage others to choose holiness, and to identify holiness as it creeps in and changes those of us who choose it.


Aside from that, since my last Intermittently post, I have acquired a male guinea pig, who turned out to be a female, who turned out to be pregnant, and by whom I have acquired two more female guinea pigs and a male guinea pig... (No, really. He is.) The critters are heading north with me for Thanksgiving where the little boar will meet his new mentor/lifecoach/roommate. My brother's daughter has a full-grown boar who needs company, so the two of them are going to learn how to bond. Little do they know. I almost feel bad for the little dudes.

A few weeks ago, I painted my office purple, which is much, MUCH nicer than the blah shade of off-blah it was. It's so soothing, now. Even with the pale shade I picked (Inspired Lilac) this is the most vividly colored room in the house, and it kinda glows when you look from the other end of the house straight through to the office. Heh heh... I like it. :)

My best girlfriend completed The Transcontinental Move (east coast to west coast) in a remarkably short period of time, and I'm having a really difficult time wrapping my brain around the fact that she's all the way on the far left coast of the country, now. I keep shaking my head, like that'll help clear it or something. Nope. Doesn't work that way.

One of my dearest friends came to visit me for 10 days in October, and I had a wonderful time getting to share my world with her a bit.

I think that's all the news, for now. My mom will be coming back with me when I return from the Thanksgiving/Birthday pilgrimage, so I'm getting ready to start decorating for Christmas, tonight. Yay.

Much love.

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