13 July 2009

The Study Group

So, I have been asked to co-facilitate the discussion of William P Young's "The Shack" in my ladies' small group. This is going to be exceedingly interesting, extremely gratifying, and a whole stinkin' lot of fun.

Last night was our first session on this book, and our fearless leader asked me to take it. I gotta say, I love studying. I love researching, cross-referencing, preparing a lesson, and then executing it by facilitating a guided conversation. This is a whole host of my strengths just bouncing up and down and waiting to get out of my head. :)

God has given me the ability to learn vast quantities of information, and the further (more useful) ability to applicably regurgitate my studies. I have created and taught entire orientation and training programs, since high school, and this whole concept of studying and comparing notes on topics that interest me with people I love is not a new love in my life. This stuff is FUN!

Anyway, I'm thinking of posting the study guide to "The Shack" as I create it and we move through it. Maybe it could help someone else, if it's on the World Wide Interweb.

Much love.

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