10 June 2009

Sunday Walks

It has become my habit to take a walk on the beach at least once a week. When I'm in town, I always go on Sunday, and when I get a chance on other days of the week, I go then, too. I use it as a time to refresh and recharge, to adjust my attitude, to clear my mind. Sometimes I pray. Sometimes I sing. Sometimes I talk to myself. Sometimes I just wander absent-mindedly. The beach/ocean never fails to amaze me.

One of the things that occurred to me one day on my walk was that this was an analogy to heaven. Heaven touches the earth, as the water touches the beach. They wash over-under each other. One is one and the other is the other, but the two meet and mingle. We walk on earth the way I walk the beach, with our feet just touching the edge of heaven, but not fully in it. We get a glimpse of it, but our bodies aren't made to live in the ocean any more than they're made to live in heaven. For that, we need new ones. Just as I go to the beach, I go to the edge of heaven and peer out into it. In both places I meet God.

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