10 June 2009

Missing me?

I just realized that I haven't posted anything since February. This is NOT due to a lack of things about which to think/write. Rather, it is more due to a combination of a lack of personal time, intentionality, and decisiveness on my part. There have been many dozens of topics about which I've considered writing, pictures/videos/links I've considered posting, etc. One of the difficulties I've had is the fact that my personal computer continues to be possessed of the Blue Screen of Death on a fairly regular basis, and I get tired of fighting with it. When I'm done staring at my secure computer for the day, it's really hard to make the decision to fiddle with my own stuff for the evening. Be that as it may, I've been remiss in my bloggishness, and I deeply apologize. Please forgive the error of my ways.

Today, my goal is to get my links updated to include the blogs that I've been reading lately and a couple of things I like, as well as post a few thoughts on different subjects. I seriously doubt that I have retained any regular readers through my intermittent blogging, but if you're out there, thank you for your time and patience.

Links I'm adding:
Just Barely-- a blog that I originally encountered awhile back through Ranger Up, and of which I became a subscriber just to help meet a Ranger Up donation goal to Wounded Warrior Project.
Cake Wrecks-- I have NO idea how I found this, but I found it utterly hilarious. I'm now a regular reader on there, and am taking Jen up on her blanket permission to link to her. If I need a really good laugh, I just go on there and read a bit. :)

Links I'm pulling:
Brownie Points--as my friend has not updated it in over a year, I don't see the value in retaining the link.
The DTS Group-- as it's being re-worked. I'll add it back in when the new site is launched.

Hopefully, I'll be a little better at keeping up, now..

Much love.

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