20 January 2009

The Obamination of the USA

Today, Barack Hussein Obama was the 43rd man to take the Presidential Oath of Office. (No, he's not the 44th American to take the oath, as he stated in his inaugural address. He's the 43rd. Grover Cleveland served two non-consecutive terms, taking two separate numbers on that list, though being one man. Beyond that, I'll avoid pointing out that the Supreme Court still hasn't ruled on whether he's actually eligible to hold the office, due to a case in that highest court of our land questioning the whereabouts of his birth... but I digress.) I would like to take this opportunity to wish all my best to the new First Family.

To President Barack Hussein Obama: May all the wisdom of God be given to you as you ask it. May He guide your hand, your thoughts, your decisions. May He protect you and yours from those who would seek to do you harm, lead you astray, and press any agenda that might move you against His will.

To Mrs. Barack Hussein Obama: May you have the grace to fill the enormous shoes of the ladies who have gone before you. May God grant you patience as you deal with the necessary pressures your family will experience while in this position of power. May the stresses of this circumstance roll lightly off your shoulders, and may you truly be a role model for those millions of young ladies who respect you and frame you as their heroine.

To the little Obamas-- Malia and Sasha: May you grow in grace, to be beautiful ladies, as you are beautiful little girls. May you be preserved from the things which would impinge your chance to experience all the joys of childhood. May this be an extraordinary opportunity, and may you look back on it as a happy time in your lives.

To the First Family, the administration, and all of those who are linked thereto: May all the hopeychange be with you, inasmuch as you believe in it and work toward it. (Whatever the heck that means.)

To My United States of America: May God go with us as we are led by a man who would fight for the murder of babies, while speaking against those who participate in "slaughtering innocents" in his inaugural address. May He (that's God, not the Obamessiah, people) protect us from ourselves. May He guide our country and our President, and may He draw our hearts ever closer to Himself. May we remain the republic that we are (not the democracy that we aren't, Senator Feinstein), and may the consequences of our decisions be administered to us lightly and mercifully, but only as that might follow the infallible will of God.

While I might not have said it as well as Blackfive did, he is now President Barack Hussein Obama, and therefore occupies an office deserving of respect. As the man in the chair in the Oval Office, as the Commander in Chief, as the leader of the free world, he deserves our respect and support, however he also needs to remain accountable. I stand behind that office, no matter who occupies it, and whether I support his decisions, his standpoints, his policies, I will offer my prayers, and my support, on his behalf. Pray harder, people. We're going to need it. God help us all.

Much love.

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