03 June 2006

An Old One... The Call

Here is an old one that I wrote and just came across. Fall 2004 is the date on it.

She glared at her phone from across the room. Lying on her desk, it seemed poised for action, but remained stubbornly silent. She thought about the call that wouldn't come, though she'd wait. She shrugged. At least he was consistent. The only thing she knew for sure was that when he said he'd call, he wouldn't, and when he asked her to call him, he wouldn't answer. She knew it had been that way too long. She knew it'd never change. She resolved to never see him again. She vowed to do something else with the time she spent waiting on his calls. She lied to herself. Again. Because, despite it all, she knew that where her heart was concerned, her will had no seigniory. No, she would wait. Eventually she would tire and sleep. Her phone would remain silent, and she'd hurt, just a little, in her sleep.

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