04 May 2015

New Home!

There's a really good reason it's been so long since I posted. I promise. We recently completed a cross-country move! This is our new house. Isn't she pretty?

The New Home, stay tuned for her new name!
Well, I say completed, but that's a little tongue-in-cheek. Our stuff is now at this beautiful old home. It's in there. It's not organized and settled yet, but it's in there.

In August, we put our home in Greenville, SC on the market, it sold and we moved to Kansas in December. We stayed with my parents until we were able to find, purchase, and close on this lovely home (name announcement coming). In April, we closed, about two months after we had a signed contract, and now we are settling in.

As you might suspect, anything that is over a century old needs some TLC, despite the fact that this particular house is really in great shape. We've done a few minor projects, so far, but mostly just to make our lives easier. We have bigger projects to come, and I will be creating DIY posts for some of them.

The first big organizational project on my list is our home library, which is around 500 books. When we boxed up our old house, I began cataloging them with an app on my phone and tablet, and now I'm working on an organization system to keep track of them all. I can't wait to get it finished and share it here!

One of the (minor) difficulties in our new home is the lack of shelf space, and the lack of wall space for the shelves we brought with us. Thus, the "big" bookshelf, is in our upstairs bedroom (that being one of two spaces in the house that it would fit), and the two smaller ones are downstairs. At some future, unknown point, I hope to build-in some lovely, era-appropriate shelves in some way that will provide an unbroken organizational structure for the collection. Today is not the day, however.

Wish me luck as I figure this out (without the luxury of having the office stuff un-boxed and organized) and haul books up- and down-stairs as appropriate.

I'll say one thing for my gorgeous new two-story house... It's a good workout! (Actually, I have lots of wonderful things to say about it, but that's the only one you're getting for now.)


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