13 August 2013

Have you ever...?

Have you ever had one of those days when you feel a little chubby, potentially because you'd gained back some of the weight you'd worked so hard to lose (twice), and you get on pinterest and get sucked into some pin about how to do makeup which takes you to a series of videos by some professional make-up artist like Jaclyn Hill or MaskCara, which you proceed to watch, all the while getting deluded into thinking that what they're doing looks super-easy and you could do that to your face if you really wanted to, so you go into the bathroom and start slathering stuff on like they showed, except you don't have the same products so you start using whatever looks vaguely the same color whether or not it's actually what you're supposed to use, nevermind the fact that some of it is samples that are the better part of a decade old (hey, it's never been used-- it's probably fine) but you figure it's ok because one of them said at some point on one of the videos, in reference to something else entirely, that there weren't any rules and you thought she meant that applied to you but it really applied to someone who has a fair bit more make-up sense than you have, so you dab a bit of this and line a bit of that and swipe a touch of the other while blending with a pinch of some stuff and you think that you're doing the smokey eye look just like she did, and you put just
a little of the purple eyeshadow on your lips to tie the look together the way you'd heard someone else did it, and you look up at your reflection, with all of your newly learned highlighting and contouring knowledge and you think that it's odd that people don't generally ask you why you look like the bride of Frankenstein and then it dawns on you that it's probably because this isn't how you do your make-up when you go out in public because no one really wants to wind up with smokey cheeks and lips and chalky,sallow skin with stripes on her nose, but by that point you're so tired of make-up and all that goes with it that you just take a dry washcloth and swipe at the whole strange mess until most of it comes off, and then you go and fall exhausted into your computer chair and blog about it?
Found here. Not that that really helps at all...

No? Just me, then? Hmmmm...

Please know that I am not, in any way, mocking the two ladies mentioned above. I have tremendous respect for their abilities and the passion they have about what they do. I am, however, not even attempting to hide the fact that I'm mocking all the rest of us who think that we can become experts at something they do professionally, simply by watching a few videos of them doing it.

I did give half a thought to doing mock-up videos of the same type thing only without the expertise. It could be something really useful like, "How to look like you half-way care about your appearance without having to actually expend the energy or money it takes to really care" or "Doing your date face with whatever happens to be lying around nearby" or something like that. Then I remembered that I don't do video, so I wrote this instead.

Happy Tuesday!

Much love,

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