28 September 2012

On the Road again...

My darling husband and I are on the road to Washington DC for a business conference this weekend. We took today and Monday off, but I've spent nearly 7 hours working from the car instead of just enjoying the drive. Such is life, when you're employed. Those hours of work probably saved me multiple hours more of timecard corrections, so I'm not too bothered by it. Just a preamble to the government's new fiscal year, which starts Monday.

In the mean time, we will be attending a business conference that is all about what makes this country the "land of opportunity"-- our Free Enterprise system. You know, it is my belief that there are a lot of great countries in this old world, and that this USA has been one of the greatest. It is my opinion that it will only remain great as long as long as there remains opportunity for people of all ilks to build something of their own.

I have little to say against huge corporations, until they begin to choke out entrepreneurship. Frankly, entrepreneurship is by its very nature a fairly difficult thing to destroy, and for that I'm thankful. As long as people have that drive to take responsibility for their own lives and futures, there's still hope. Hope, not just for this country, but for humanity, as well.

What I do have something to say against is the big-government mentality that asserts some poorly-developed opinion that the government is responsible for the people, that the government owes everybody something, and that the government shall provide for all manner of privilege. The government of this country is by the people, and for the people, and that means that the people have a responsibility over the government, not the other way around. If you want to eat out and carry a smartphone and drive a whichever-brand vehicle, then by all means, go out and do the work and earn it. Don't go into debt for it, and don't expect someone to hand it to you. Those things aren't rights. They're privileges.

Health care isn't a right that the government must provide. Anything the government gets its hands on winds up in a mess. While the healthcare system isn't in spectacular shape now, one thing that's sure is that the more government gets involved, the worse it'll be.

As varying internet memes state, if you're sporting an iphone, fake nails, cigarettes, or drugs, you're clearly not in need of welfare or food stamps. Those things aren't rights. You're not entitled. No one is. Just because you think something doesn't make it so. Reality check, people. You are responsible for you, and to some degree, those around you. No one else is responsible to make sure your life is everything you think it should be. If you want it, go earn it.

One of the reasons that we have the ability to earn our futures is the willing sacrifice of some ordinary men and women who stood up to fight for something better than whatever someone told them they could have. Be one of those people. Fight for something better. Don't just curl in on yourself and trade a few hours for a few bucks and suck your thumb while you bemoan the "fact" that you can't do this or that. Go live! Be! Excel! That's what this country was founded on, and that's what will be required if we are to keep it worth keeping.

Do something great, and the great will join you.

Much love,

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