19 August 2011


OK, so my hormones are out of control crazy, and this week has been something less than (significantly so) smooth.. Have you ever just wanted to rip someone else's hair out and scream maniacally? If so, then you can relate to how I've been feeling this week.

Lest I be accused of bridezillism, I must say that the wedding/planning isn't stressing me out. (My fiance's boss informing us a mere week in advance of our travel date that he's changed his mind about when Mark can leave for the wedding-- by a FULL WEEK? Why, yes, that is inflaming my crazy. Thank you for asking.) I really am still enjoying all the wedding preparations, and loving being engaged, too.

Sometimes you just have to vent. All done. Now, I'm going to try to sleep for a full night, then keep trying to tamp down the hormones. Wish me luck.

Much love.

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