05 November 2008

We the People, Indeed

I find myself profoundly disappointed in my fellow American citizens, this morning. I have stayed largely out of the political arguments in the last four thousand years of 2008 Presidential campaigning, but I awoke to the news that the majority of the other voters in my nation elected someone who is, at best, frightening. Unlike so many of the liberal idiots out there that I countermand, I respect the office of the President of the United States. Even when President Clinton was destroying our military and disgracing our nation before the eyes of the world, I still supported him as POTUS. I will always respect that office, regardless of its occupant. When January gets here, I will resign myself to trying to find something of which to be supportive about the reprehensible erstwhile Senator.

It is my considered opinion that no human being, or even any non-human with any shred of decency, should cast a vote in favor of someone who is pro-infanticide. Let me explain that term. I'm not using it as I would "pro-death" for the self-absorbed, morally reprehensible, irresponsible, wastrels of life who support abortion. Rather, I use it because he actually stood up and argued that babies who SURVIVE ABORTIONS-- as in they lived through the attempt on their lives, past delivery--should be murdered. THAT is INFANTICIDE. His reasoning is that if it isn't legal for you to kill babies who survive abortions, then maybe it wouldn't be legal at some point for you to kill babies at all, even the ones who haven't been born yet. Great. This is the guy you voted for.

I will not remark on all of the many, many, many other reasons why this individual should not have been elected to anything, because I believe that the above is reason enough. Anyone who is in favor of murdering a child after birth, in favor enough to argue FOR it in a state Senate and defend his argument in public, is also capable of many other, equally despicable things. It would not surprise me if blog posts like this one, and who knows how many others that point out the truth about his actions and stances, were suddenly to disappear.

Keep in mind that, if the day comes that your right to defend yourself, your right to speak freely (your right to ideological and political dissent), your right to practice the religion of your choice (anything non-islamic), your right to participate in the American dream disappear, it's because of people like this one, getting put into positions of power.

In the days of the new Messiah, er, I mean President-elect, the things that make our nation great will be under a methodical attack, however it will be hard to perceive. Political ground will shift like sand under our feet, and slowly, our rights, our humanity, and our way of life will erode even further than it has until now.

I believe in the democratic process. I believe in our way of life. I believe that of all the flawed political systems out there, that ours is the best. I believe that America is still comprised of people who, at their core, are basically decent (despite their attempts to prove me wrong with their votes). I believe that this republic will stand through the next four years, and that it could actually grow stronger for the battles it will have to fight within its own borders. I believe that I can find some way to be supportive of the office of the President without selling my very soul to the devil. But, I also believe that this election is far from our finest moment.


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Tom the Redhunter said...

Hi there. Merry Christmas and a Happy New year to you! I trust all is well in your new home. You know we miss you and welcome you back for any visits you can arrange.

Now our country enters a new phase. Either we on the right get our act together or Obama will set us down a path from which it will take a long time to recover. I'm with you 100% on the charge of infanticide, as I've looked into Obama's history on this matter and it is appalling.

We've got our work cut out for us. I'm active locally in politics and I hope you get involved too.

Take care,