15 April 2008

Unfettered Approval/Recommendation

For anyone who stumbles across my blog, intentionally or not:

I HIGHLY recommend that you read LT G's blog, Kaboom War Journal.

I am absolutely and totally addicted to it. That, and I have the song on it stuck in my head. I have requested his permission to put a link to him permanently on my page, and quite understandably, have not yet heard back from him. I have read every word he's posted on it, and am eagerly awaiting the next post. For those literary fans out there, you will be entranced, impressed, and befuddled by his brilliance.

If you don't care for a clever turn-of-phrase, literary genius, or the men who make this country great by their very existence, their battlefield savvy, and their love of job/comrade/country, you probably won't care too much for it, but I do, so there. How's that for a rebuttal?

While I don't entirely agree with his ideology, I find him fascinating in his thought processes and brilliant in his composition. Yup, I said brilliant. Twice.

Much love.

P.S. Please be aware that this is a milblog, and that as such, it exhibits some of the coarse language that goes with a warrior's vocabulary.

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