04 September 2007

Day 4

This picture accomplishes several things.
1) It shows you that I am in a cast.
2) It shows the cast in it's purest state-- unsullied and unsigned.
3) It shows you what color I painted the wall of my bedroom.


Much love.


Amy said...

Looks like they found the break... any surgery necessary???

I don't know how you'll manage to get to work etc... but maybe the pimped out crutches will inspire someone to give you a helping hand. Surely, a girl w/ pimped out crutches can't be crazy.

I LOOOOOOOVE the green room :)

Satin said...

Well, actually, they're not even sure that I have any broken bones at all. They did ascertain that I did a LOT of soft-tissue damage-- including 2 of the 3 main ligaments that run through the ankle. The cast is mostly for complete immobility, as well as to keep me from putting weight on it. I'm in the cast for 3 weeks, then I'll probably get downgraded to a walking boot, when I start PT. woohoo!

Thank you, ma'am! I love the green, too. :D