13 April 2007

It might be supposed that a measure of how unhealthy a relationship is might be reflected in the way you feel when the relationship is over. If you feel as though a burden has been lifted, and you feel a great sense of relief that you no longer need to feel obligated to try... perhaps the relationship was one you no longer needed, and maybe, just maybe, it was detrimental to you. If someone treats you poorly consistently, yet you feel obligated to stick around because EVERYBODY else can't stand to be around the individual and you're the only person who puts up with it-- that MIGHT be a signal that there's a problem. Fortunately, as is the case for me, today, you may be spared from having to end the relationship, due to the fact that the individual in question goes off the deep end and has her mother send you hate (and hateful) emails.

Perhaps this is a judgement of my character, but the way I feel right now is a mixture of sadness, relief, sorrow, and joy.

Lord, please touch the friends that are friends no more. Reach into their lives and show them Your plan for them. Please, bless and keep them and provide them with influences that will bring them closer to You and make them stronger. Protect them from the influences that seek to destroy them, and guide them in the Way Everlasting. Thank you for protecting our hearts, even in the ends of long-time friendships. Amen.

May your friends be close to you today, and may your relationships be blessed with love, understanding, and, most of all, kindness.

Much Love.


Amy said...

Hi L~ I'm saddened by this post- at your receiving hateful email, at the end of a long friendship...even though it sounds like it is best for you in the long run... I'm sorry for the hurt involved in the present. You are loved!!!

DCBrownie said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you, Satin. I'm fairly certain that I know who you're referring to, and I'm sad for her. She has lost a wonderful friend and will regret it one day.