16 February 2006

My first time

Welcome... to the mild, yet marvelous world of ME coming to you online for the FIRST TIME EVER!

Aren't you just so excited you could spit?? I think the guy looking over your shoulder at that Borders hotspot just wet himself for the sheer thrill of it.

So I'm not very good at checking my personal email accounts, and I'm not very regular about remembering to read Brownie's blog. But since there are so many people eager to enliven their daily grind by living vicariously through este chica, I thought I'd give in and make it just that much easier.

Feel free to check in sporadically, and I shall do the same. I hope you're having a lovely week.

With great affection,


DCBrownie said...

You don't read my blog regularly? I'm heart-broken. ;-)

Curtis said...

Whut up Satin I have joined the Bloggers.. Guess who..